The Town of Accomac has contracted for sidewalk weed and shrubbery maintenance.  Please keep the sidewalk in front of your property passable for pedestrians by trimming any over-hanging or over-grown shrubbery.  Any over-hanging or over-grown shrubbery may be trimmed without further notice.


Waste Receptacles

Place approved waste receptacle curbside by 7:00 am Friday mornings

Only garbage in approved receptacles will be picked up

Please do not leave your trash cans out all week

For approved receptacle contact Davis Disposal at (757) 442-7979


Auto Decals

Auto decals go on sale on March 1

Must be displayed by April 15

Available at Wards Service Center

24010 Front Street, Accomac, Virginia (757) 787-2546

During normal business hours

$27.00 (automobiles and trucks)

$25.00 (motorcycles)

Trailers (utility and/or boat) no loner require decals